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Raphael is a privately owned property company run by Victor Levy. The company is funded entirely with equity from its own resources and that of private investors. Through our investment partnership, Raphael Capital LLP, as an unencumbered purchaser, we acquire properties unconditionally. Because the company does not rely on bank finance, it is able to make quick decisions and exchange contracts immediately. Our website lists some of our historical deals.

Raphael Properties specialises in High Street retail property around the UK in the major cities. With a network of agents, our ability to handle these deals is enhanced. We can provide references of our ability to commit and complete a deal expeditiously.  The company has developed an excellent track record through its web-enabled marketing to sell or let empty properties. The company has a non-combative approach to planning and uses its skills to identify the needs of the local community.

Retail, Unencumbered Purchasers, Unconditional Offers, Fast Completion.

Additionally, we are looking for development led properties. We have successfully dealt with hotels at Luton Airport and student led schemes in Bristol and Glasgow.

  • Freehold only.
  • Affluent towns.
  • 1+ acre sites on main roads.
  • Redundant buildings in prominent areas, 25,000 sq ft+. Previously we’ve bought 80’s churches, old office buildings, unused community centres or bingo halls.
  • Retail units with local covenants, short leases or prime positions.
  • Whole portfolios – especially keen on residual lots from larger portfolios.
  • Comfortable with risk: planning, VP, breaks, rent reviews, short leases.
  • Sellers who require a quick ‘no-fuss’ cash completion.
  • Average lot size £3m to £8m.
  • Fees paid for successful introductions.

We’re always happy to chat through any opportunities with you, so please feel free to get in touch with Victor Levy on 07831 583428.

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